To read from this site, you need to be a Patron. Chapter access also depends on the Patron level you are in. The higher your Patron level, the more benefits you can avail. The free option, on the other hand, refers to the other Lipstick Writings site where you can read for free. However, that site is laggy, has ads, is behind in chapters, and is not as frequently updated.

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Displays the recent posts in both originals and translations. For the originals, the topmost post shown is the latest for Gold Plated and above Patrons, while the bottommost post shown is the latest for Silver and below Patrons. For the translations, the most recent in each novel is shown. You can swipe left or right to navigate between these latest posts.

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In this site, you can adjust the font size of texts and toggle between day and night mode for more comfortable reading.

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