The Villainess (Provisional) Wants to Make Her Fiancé Fall with Sex Appeal


I’m in the world of an otome game, and I’m a villainess waiting for my death route.
Yes, let’s make fiance-sama fall with established facts!
Aim, a happy marriage.
Aim, avoiding the route.
It’s a story of a villainess who works hard to approach her fiance.

The Perfect Prince and the Maiden of Destiny


The story itself is a common reincarnated villainess template story (supposedly). Engagement breaking event + modest force + heroine is also reincarnated. But it’s not really so.
After departing from the normal route and entering the erotic part after the middle stage, those who expect a really ordinary villainess need to take note of this.
The story about the destined (smell) reincarnated villainess being trained in various ways after being swayed by the scenario of the otome game and the desires of a perverted prince cheat.

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