Quick Transmigration: Occupation, Seductress Series

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The Way to become an empress

Book 1/Arc 1

Short Description:
Tasked to do missions across different worlds for a shady system, Alina was thrusted into an ancient Chinese civilization and became Ye Ling, Imperial Consort to Emperor Ji Zhen Tian. Ye Ling was destined to become the Empress, but with Li Zhen Zhen reborn from her last lifetime seeking to change her fate, will Alina be ever be able to follow this destiny and accomplish her mission?

to be pampered by the School Boss

Book 2/Arc 2

Short Description:
After succeeding her first mission world, Alina is now transmigrated into a modern world entirely different from her last. Inhabiting the body of Amelia Zhao, she is now tasked to make her stepbrother Lucas fall for her.

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